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FM25 Fluid Management With its innovative line of fluid mixing systems, the Ditch Witch organization set the standards for efficiency in the horizontal directional drilling industry. The latest addition to this family is the FM25, a reliable, low-maintenance drilling fluid


FM13V Fluid Management The FM13V fluid mixing system is designed to work a long time before requiring any of your attention. Its pump lubricates itself during mixing, and works so efficiently that it delivers 20 percent more fluid capacity than


FM5 Fluid Management The simplicity of design and multiple configuration options of the FM5 accommodate a variety of setups and make transport easy. With the FM5, “easy” is the operative term. It even has a built-in bag ripper. Key Features


FT5 Fluid Management The compact FT5 makes short work of the mixing process. Designed to support smaller HDD systems, the FT5 also supports your need to get the job done right and right on time. Key Features The compact FT5


MR90 Mud Recycler By reclaiming, recycling and reusing drilling mud, you retain profits that others are literally throwing away. You’ll profit even more by using the Ditch Witch MR90, the most advanced, most productive mud recycler on the market. The

Fluid Management

The Ditch Witch fluid management products are stand-alone, modular fluid systems for efficiently mixing drilling fluid additives with water and delivering the slurry to horizontal directional drilling units for drilling, backreaming, and product pullback.