Category: Directional Drills


JT100 ALL TERRAIN Directional Drill It’s serious business when you need a rock-drilling machine as big as the JT100 All Terrain directional drill, so you expect some serious power. The JT100 All Terrain delivers, with 100,000 lbs. of pullback supported


JT100 Directional Drill The 268-hp JT100 is an incredibly powerful machine, but it’s not power that makes it so productive—it’s how the power is distributed. The JT100 is designed to deliver power where it’s needed to complete the bore in


JT60 ALL TERRAIN Directional Drill Every Ditch Witch All Terrain directional drill stands apart from competitors by virtue of its patented, two-pipe All Terrain drilling system, which delivers more power to the bit than any other rock-drilling system in its


JT60 Directional Drill With the new JT60 horizontal directional drill, you’ll recognize many of the features you’ve grown to appreciate: the proven, intuitive electronics and the rugged and reliable undercarriage, to name two. And in no time you’ll appreciate the


JT30 ALL TERRAIN Directional Drill Our customers wanted more power to perform all functions at once. They wanted a heavy-duty stake-down system for greater stability when boring and backreaming. They wanted greater horsepower, a higher-capacity pump, advanced electronics—and, of course,


JT30 Directional Drill You wanted more power to perform all functions at once, the JT30 and its counterpart the JT30 All Terrain deliver. The most powerful and quietest in its class along with a heavy-duty anchor system make this drill


JT25 Directional Drill The Ditch Witch® JT25 is an exceptionally powerful and productive horizontal directional drill designed specifically for – and with input from – the utility contractor. It features an exclusive rotational drive with 4,000 ft-lb of torque and


JT20 Directional Drill The JT20 lets you do more so you can make more. With plenty of power packed into a compact size and new features like an easy-to-use carve mode and time-saving LCD display, the JT20 helps you work


JT5 Directional Drill In residential areas, new utility installations rarely miss an opportunity to throw a challenge your way. With the JT5 horizontal directional drill, you can proceed undaunted. The JT5 was designed specifically—with very specific customer input—for shallow installations


JT9 Directional Drill The 66-hp, Tier 4 Ditch Witch JT9 is the most powerful drill in its class. Offering 9,000 lb of pullback force in its sturdy yet compact frame, the JT9 combines the simplicity and easy operation of smaller